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10 Reasons I am Glad Summer is Here!

10 Reasons I am Glad Summer is Here!

Calgary schools don’t officially get out for summer until Thursday. However, Evan is done for the year. The last few weeks have been really hard for him. I think it was a combination of being done with school, lack of structure in the school days at the end of the year and just being tired. On Monday, we (the school and I) decided to call it. They are really not doing anything school-y this week and what they are doing is hugely unstructured (hello sports day). So instead of setting him up to fail, we decided that the possible downsides of staying in school were way bigger than the upsides.

So we are done and I am SO HAPPY. The last month has been a slog. Now we can start our summer and start preparing for homeschooling next year.

So now let’s look ahead to SUMMER. Here are 10 reasons I’m glad summer is FINALLY here:

  • We get to sleep in! My non-sleeping kid has turned over a new leaf. A few weeks ago he slept until 11 on a Saturday. Thankfully, he is still really easy to get moving if we have somewhere to be. It’s a nice change!

Eating ice cream

  • All. The. Ice. Cream. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be trying to be healthy but this year I have decided we are going to eat the ice cream. There aren’t that many more summers where Evan will be excited to hang out with his mom so we are going to JUST DO IT.

Wading across a stream

  • Take the chances. Sometimes I tend to be a bit of a scaredy cat and it can get in the way of Evan doing things he wants to do. I am going to work on saying “Yes” more, especially when what I am saying yes to is pretty tame. Like walking across a flooded walkway at St. Patrick Island.

Doing coin rubbings

  • Take the time to really look around you. Evan had a great time doing rubbings of the coins I had in my purse the other day at brunch. Normally we are in a hurry so we rush through things. Instead he got to learn about coins from the US and Canada and had fun too.
  • Visit new places in Central Alberta. So many places, so little time. Check out my list of things to do in Central Alberta.


  • Visit new playgrounds. There aren’t too many more years where Evan will want to go to the playground. So this summer we are going to visit more of them.


  • Geocaching – We used to geocache all the time and then we quit for some reason. This summer we are going to try to find a ton. Yesterday we found a few and a few we couldn’t figure out. Evan can’t wait to find more.

Boat Time - Merry About Town

  • Heading to the Lake – I can’t wait to hang out with friends, go swimming and let Evan hang out with his buddies (they’ve even made a “biker gang”).
  • Read Books – Hey, I can’t spend ALL my time with Evan. I am getting back into the habit of reading and I can’t wait to plow through a few books.
  • No calls from the school. – Last but not least, I don’t have to worry about calls from the school. Evan and I have LOVED his school the last two years but we both need a break.

10 Reasons I am Glad Summer is Here!

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