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11 Fun and Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers

11 Fun and Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you are not a pet person, this post is probably not for you. Well, scratch that…it can be if you have a pet person on your Christmas list. You see, those of us with pets can be a crazy bunch. We love our little fur babies with a fierceness than non-pet people just do not understand. Either way, whether these are for you or that pet crazed person you love, these are great gifts for pet lovers.

Oh, and if you travel with your little ball of furry love, make sure to check out this great Traveling with Pets e-book from my friend Roni. It is inexpensive and full of insider tips on how to travel safely and happily with your pet.

Are these gifts not what you are looking for? Check out my One-Stop Christmas Planning Guide complete with gift guides for travellers and foodies, printables, recipes and more.

Great Gifts for Pet Lovers – Dogs

Dog Sign

Assorted Dog Signs – We love our dogs and we are just fine with you knowing it. In fact, here is a sign in case you wonder where our dog stands in the house hierarchy.

dog wine glass

This wine glass says it all. Perfect for your friends who love wine AND their dog.

How to talk Dog

How to Speak Dog – I would love to know what Cooper is saying to me. I might have to buy this for myself!

dog shaming

Dog Shaming Calendar – I love a good dog shaming meme. This calendar gives you one to giggle at every day of the year!

Great Gifts for Pet Lovers – Cats

Texts from Mittens

Texts from Mittens Calendar – We all know that our cats are silently judging us, right? Here are texts from Mittens, the cat with the unlimited data plan who isn’t afraid to use it. Any cat lover will love this and will be pretty sure these texts could have come from their cat.

cat wine

Wine and Cats, it’s a match made in heaven! This stainless steel wine tumbler is perfect for those who love both.

Crafting with cat hair

Crafting With Cat Hair – Is it a joke? You’ll never know. However, this craft book as GREAT reviews and how cute is that little cat finger puppet?

Cat shaming

Cat Shaming Calendar – Love those cat shaming memes on Facebook? Me too! This fun calendar means you get a new one every day (as long as you don’t skip ahead like I always do).

Great Gifts for Pet Lovers – Other Pets

rat cup

Rat owners love their pets too! They will love this “Home is where my rats are” mug!

Guinea Pig Cup

Guinea Pig Slave Mug – As a mom of guinea pigs, I can tell you that any GP parent will love this mug because it is just SO TRUE.

Guinea Pig Socks

Guinea Pig Socks – Nothing says you are a pet lover like socks with your favourite pet on them.

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11 Great Gifts for Pet Lovers

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