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7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Alabama

7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Alabama

When it comes to natural picturesque splendour, Alabama has you covered! Yes, I’m a bit biased since I am FROM Alabama but from the majestic canyons to the pristine lakes, to serene parks and kaleidoscopic gardens, Alabama is home to a vast array of breathtaking spots. Included below are 7 of the most beautiful things to see in Alabama. 

Bellingrath Gardens & Home

Commonly referenced as the “charm spot of the Deep South”, Bellingrath Gardens and Home is an iconic Southern estate comprising over 65 acres of floral grandeur throughout every season. Whether it’s cascading chrysanthemums in the fall or the state flower, camellias, in the winter to springtime’s quintessential azaleas to summers kaleidoscopic hydrangeas and roses, there’s not a season left unadorned at the Bellingrath Gardens.  

Dismals Canyon Adventures - Merry About Town.

Dismals Canyon  

After sunset this canyon becomes animated, illuminated with hundreds of minuscule glowing critters known commonly  as “Dismalites.” These “glow worms” are in fact a type of gnat larvae. They require a very precise environment to live and they exist in only a few places on the planet. Dismals Canyon is truly otherworldly. Even if you can’t visit during the evening, it is gorgeous during the day too. You can see our latest visit to Dismals Cavern here. It is a favourite visit for us when we go back to Alabama.

Neversink Pit

In between a cave and a sinkhole, this striking abyss called the Neversink Pit is a geological marvel. This phenomenon drops 16 stories down through extraordinary vegetation and gushing waterfalls inspiring climbers and photographers in equal measure. Neversink Pit is one of the greatest photographed sinkholes in all of America, if not the world. It is awe-inspiring, don’t forget to add it to your bucket list!

Tinglewood Carvings

This extraordinary nature preserve has repurposed trees into hand-carved masterpieces of fanciful faces. Orr Park is a splendid, from scenic trails to vast playing fields, and shimmering creeks to idyllic picnic spots under the majestic trees, you will find many Instagrammable moments. 

Cheaha Mountain Park

Cheaha Mountain

Ascending above Talladega National Forest at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, Cheaha Mountain which is frequently referred to as Mount Cheaha, is the most splendid natural high point in Alabama. Once almost wiped out and abandoned, the parks system rescued its scenic beauty and it became a protected national forest in 1936. This sensational scenery gets its name from the Creek Indian name for the mountain, “chaha” meaning “high place”. This Alabama gem will delight any nature enthusiast.

Kymulga Grist Mill & Kymulga Covered Bridge  

The Kymulga Grist Mill and Kymulga Covered Bridge are tucked away off the path and date back to the Civil War. Fortunate to evade the torch of Union soldiers during the Civil War, these 2 awe-inspiring historic landmarks are the perfect scenic spot for any nature lover or history enthusiast.

Gulf Shores Sand Dunes

Gulf Shores

Home to a number of the greatest beaches in the world, Gulf Shores is the heart of Alabama’s pristine coastlines. Over the recent years, Gulf Shores has become Alabama’s topmost holiday destination. With the majesty of the sparkling ocean, epic watersports, mind-blowing zip lining, and championship golf courses, Gulf Shores should be on everyone’s most beautiful things to see in Alabama list! You’ll never believe how beautiful the beaches are without leaving the South!

Know that there are a ton of smaller things to see in Alabama too. One of our favourites is Natural Bridge near my home town. Alabama is FULL of gorgeous vistas just waiting to be found in areas large and small.

I hope this list inspires you to get out into this beautiful world and explore, even if in your own backyard!

7 Most Beautiful Things To See In Alabama

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Paula Schuck

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

So much agree with Gulf Shores. Florabama too.