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Aggie Days 2009

Since we celebrated Dewey’s birthday on Saturday, we had Sunday free to do as we pleased. What better way to spend the day than breakfast at Pfantastic Pannenkoek house & Aggie Days at the Roundup Centre? We got started a bit late (9:30am) and I was really worried that Evan might be a terror. He usually goes down for his morning (and only) nap between 9:30am and 10. I wasn’t sure if he would fall asleep in the car & only sleep 5 minutes or if he would skip it all together. Well, he fell asleep right before we got to the restaurant & slept through the 10 minute wait and all of breakfast. Thankfully we had a big booth so he could stretch out & snooze!

Nicole, Dewey & Will trying stroop. It’s a really thick syrup that is very similar to mollasses.
After breakfast we headed to Aggie Days. It’s basically part petting zoo for farm animals, part agricultural learning for the kiddlets and part toy show for all the farmers/acreage owners/boys who like big toys.

Evan and Will checking out a tractor.

Nicole shows us that girls can like tractors too!

Evan’s checking out the piglets! Unfortunately there were TONS of people there so he didn’t get to see them very well.

A man taking a nap with his pet buffalo. They had pictures of him feeding it in his kitchen.

Can you tell that Dewey got after Evan with the hair gel?

Everybody loves looking at the animals!

Evan likes the real animals WAY more than the fake costume ones!


Checking out the Angora Goats. Sooooo cute!

Nicole planting a bean.
/>Evan scoring some soda from Dad when Mom wasn’t looking!

What’s better than playing in dirt with a tractor?
Heading home after a shoulder ride to the car. What a great day!

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Tuesday 7th of April 2009

Cute pics...and I love your background.

"Soda?" Girl, you've been gone from Winfield too long! LOL