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Getting My Passport Photo….by Evan

Today, me, Mommy & Grammy went to the mall to get some last minute things for Grammy & to pick up some pictures from Black’s Photography. Mommy decided that since we were there & we needed a passport picture for me that we might as well get it today. She made lots of comments about how having to get a passport for a baby was “stupid”….not sure what that word means but it doesn’t sound good. Anyway…the rules say that my eyes have to be open & my mouth has to be closed in my picture. Ha ha, they are very funny those rules people. First, I was asleep when we got to the store. Then Mommy tried to wake me up. I woke up but then I burped up & it came out my nose!!!! Gross, huh. After Mommy cleaned that up she tried to keep me from crying while keeping me awake. She didn’t look like she was having much fun.

Then Mommy went up to the counter to tell them we needed a passport photo for me. The not so nice lady at the counter said “That’s going to be hard to do” Mommy’s head almost spun around while she said “Really??!!! I thought it was going to be a walk in the park”. Thankfully a nice man was the one who took my picture. He had Mommy lay me in a box on the floor that was lined with white posterboard. Then Mommy had to hold my arms down & Grammy had to put the passy (soother) in my mouth until I stopped crying & my eyes were open….then she had to jerk the soother out & get out of the way so the man could snap the picture. I didn’t like this at all! After about a million tries they finally got a picture. Mommy looked a little stressed by that time. She said that I look a bit like a drunk convict but it’ll just have to do.

What a fun day!

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Saturday 28th of July 2007

Oh boy Merry that sounds like a royal pain in the rump. Glad it's all taken care of now though.