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Is Back to School Routine Yet?

Is Back to School Routine Yet?

It’s day 4 of the back to school routine here. We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things. Or at least it is slow for me. Evan has thrown himself headlong into back to school. When I asked him to rate his excitement for back to school on a scale from 1 to 10, he shouted “TWELVE!” Plus he is riding the bus to school this year. Putting him on the bus scared me at first but Evan loves it. He’s already asked if he can ride the bus next year too. Yes, yes you can!


So I’m re-learning to make his lunch after dinner every night. He’s learning to plug in his iPad before he goes to bed so he will have it on the bus (yes, it is allowed). Now if I can just remember to read the online agenda and look for papers to be filled out in his backpack. It’s amazing how you get out of the school routine over the summer.

Oh and am I the only one that feels like I may need to take a second…um…fourth job because of school? I paid our fees last night and it was over $600 for one kid! How do people with multiple kids do it?! Sell a kid? Re-mortgage the house? Not eat?

Back to school boy

Good thing he’s worth it….

**We interrupt this blog post for an angry call from the school**

Seeing that number pop up on my cell makes my blood run cold. Uh oh. What has happened?

E: Mom! Kids were being mean to me and I’m hungry. Can you bring me more food?

Me: Did you eat all the food in your lunch box?

E: Yes! Well, except for my protein drink. Oh and my pita because it is mushy and pink from the raspberries.

Me: All of it or just the top one?

E: I don’t know. Can you please bring me more food?

Me: You are across town, you can eat your lunch that I packed.

E: FINE! *slams down phone*

10 minutes later…..E calls back to apologize.

Yeesh. 9 year olds!

**Back to our post**

So maybe our back to school routine still has a FEW bumps that need to be ironed out. But over all it’s going great. How are things going at your house?

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