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Back to School 2015!

Back to School 2015!


Back to school day! Evan is starting school at a new school today. So far, so good. No issues at drop off, no crying or clinging to me when the bell rang. It’s too early to tell but I am VERY optimistic that this year is going to be AWESOME.

Big Grins

We’re getting used to a new routine this year since Evan is changing schools for Grade 3. Instead of walking, we will be driving and his new school starts earlier. Today worked out okay. We even had time to walk Cooper before we left.

New Playground

Evan’s favorite part of his new school? It has THE BEST PLAYGROUND EVER, so says Evan. My favorite part? His teacher seems very nice and so do all the parents I met today. Fingers crossed that Mama and Evan both have a better year this year.

How did back to school go for you this year?

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Thinking good things for both of you this year!