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Our Shaw BlueSky TV Update & An Announcement

Our Shaw BlueSky TV Update & An Announcement

Remember when I told you about my 5 favourite things about my new BlueSky TV from Shaw? Well, it’s been 2 months and we still LOVE it. It has totally changed how I watch TV. I never watch television in real time any more. With all my favourite shows being available on demand (and the system actually making watching them EASY), then why would I watch commercials? In fact, I don’t ever use my PVR any more either. Crazy, right?

So I after using it for a few months, I stand by my review that I love it and recomend it. The cool thing about that? Well now I can say “GET IT!”. You see, Shaw just rolled out BlueSky across Western Canada. So everyone can have their new state of the art system. Cool, right? Here’s some more info from their press release. You can also find out more about BlueSky here.

Plus they’ve made it a sweet deal to sign up! New customers can switch to BlueSky TV for $30 per month when bundled with Shaw WideOpen Internet 150 — with two complimentary months of The Movie Network, HBO and CraveTV included!

With its intuitive, voice-activated remote and easy-to-use guide that brings all content together in one place, Shaw BlueSky TV completely transforms how customers experience television.

Powered by Comcast’s next generation X1 platform, BlueSky TV’s convenient interface allows customers to access live programming, PVR recordings, on-demand shows and streaming services all in one place. The voice-activated remote allows users to find content by title, genre, actor name or even by famous movie quote. Discover new content by saying “recommendations” or ask the remote “what’s trending” to see what content is popular with other BlueSky TV users and on Twitter.

With BlueSky TV, it’s never been easier for users to be in control of the content they want to watch, and when it comes to compelling features, the sky is the limit.

Voice Control Remote

“Talking to your television—and having it listen—is simply a magical experience that makes watching TV more enjoyable,” said Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications. “BlueSky TV makes it easier than ever to stop scrolling and start watching the content you love with an experience you won’t want to live without.”

Customers can now personalize their BlueSky TV experience with any of Shaw’s new customizable television packages. The simplicity of Shaw’s new Small, Medium and Large packages makes it easy for customers to get the most out of the content they enjoy.

BlueSky TV also comes with WideOpen Internet 150, giving customers Shaw’s fastest Internet speeds in nearly every neighbourhood across Western Canada. BlueSky TV with the new Small video package is available to new Shaw customers for $30 per month for the first year when bundled with WideOpen Internet 150 on a two-year ValuePlan, for a total first year monthly fee of $79.90. New customers will also receive two months of complimentary access to CraveTV and The Movie Network package of channels, including HBO Canada.

WOO HOO! When you partner BlueSky with Crave, you can catch up on tons of shows you never even knew you should be watching! You’ll be in bingewatching heaven.


Disclosure: I was given BlueSky TV from Shaw to use it and share my experiences with my readers. As always, all opinions are my own.

Our BlueSky TV Update & An Announcement

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Dennis Deveaux

Thursday 6th of April 2017

I'm still loving my BlueSky TV system as well. I haven't done a lot of the on-demand stuff, but am using the PVR every day (it was so easy setting up my recordings with the voice control)

I do wish I had a bit better control over the skip ahead and back buttons but it's a minor nitpick (you can have the skip forward either 30 seconds or a ridiculous 5 minutes by default).

Merry Kuchle

Friday 7th of April 2017

There are some things that bug me too. Like when you turn the TV off but your video keeps playing. But like you...I feel it isn't a deal breaker.