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Calcutta Cricket Club in Calgary, AB

Calcutta Cricket Club in Calgary, AB

After being away from Calgary for almost a year (yikes!), when I am home I try to catch up on all the restaurants I haven’t tried yet. This week has been especially good for this since Evan is away at overnight summer camp. He has his favourite restaurants (like Without Papers Pizza and Naina’s Kitchen) and rarely likes to deviate from them. Since we were free to choose where we wanted to go, Evan and I headed to the new(ish) Calcutta Cricket Club on 17th Avenue.

Calcutta Cricket Club Room

Calcutta Cricket Club Dining Room

We loved the styling of the restaurant. They say it is ” quirky & colourful decor cheekily described by our designer as a 1960’s Indian social club meets “The Golden Girls”.” I think that sums it up perfectly. They also have a gorgeous patio. Unfortunately, we snagged a last minute reservation so we didn’t get to experience the patio. Next time!

Calcutta Cricket Club Food

Calcutta Cricket Club draws inspiration for it’s food from West Bengal. I love how it has both small plates, kati rolls and curries. This means you can try quite a few things even if there are only two of you (without leftovers). Another plus is there are many options for vegeterians within the menu (and it is marked clearly so you can see what you can and can’t eat without having to ask).

Chips and Curry at Calcutta Cricket Club Calgary

First we started out with the Chips & Curry. English style chips (fries) with a fenugree curry sauce. It looked a little light on the curry when it arrived but then we realized there was a pool of curry sauce at the bottom. We LOVED this small plate and used the curry on our portobello as well.

Portobello Small Plate at Calcutta Cricket Club Calgary

Next up was the portobello small plate. The mushrooms were marinated in Tiger Beer and spices and served with ghugni puree. I love mushrooms so I thought it was delicious. However, I preferred it once I dipped the mushrooms in the curry from the fries.

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Kati Roll

A kati roll is paneer or meat wrapped in a fresh paratha. We decided to try the Tandoori Spiced Chicken kati roll (I wanted lamb but Dewey doesn’t eat it). This was a highlight of our meal as well. The bread was crispy but light. The red onions added another layer of cruch as well. It came together in a very tasty nibble.

Pork Butter Masala and Garlic Naan

When Dewey saw the Pork Butter Masala, he had to have it. I’m so glad we decied to try it because it was amazing. Since we were getting full, we decided against ordering rice. Instead we ate it with an order of garlic naan. The pork was tender and the sauce delightful. The tomato confit kicked it up a notch as well with a bit of acid to cut the richness. My only wish was that I had one more piece of naan but I may have exploded.

Kheer with a brulee topping

Instead of that last peice of naan, we splurged on dessert. I don’t remember the exact name of this dish but it is basically kheer (rice pudding) with a brulee topping and pistachios. We love kheer and this took it to heights unknown (to us any way). Now I’m not sure how we will ever eat it again without the brulee.

All in all, we adored our meal at Calcutta Cricket Club. My pictures of our cocktails were meh so I will skip them. I will reccomend you try the mango lassi gin fizz, though. We can’t wait to return to Calcutta Cricket Club. Indian food is a favourite of ours and this is a new way to enjoy it. Delish!

Calcutta Cricket Club

Food Menu

340–17 AVENUE SW
(403) 719-1555

Sunday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm – Midnight
Brunch Saturday & Sunday 11am – 3pm

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