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Cooper Approved: Dog for Dog Treats #DOGforDOGPetSmart

Cooper Approved: Dog for Dog Treats #DOGforDOGPetSmart

Disclosure:This post is sponsored by DOG for DOG and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about DOG for DOG being available at PetSmart Canadian stores but MerryAboutTown only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. DOG for DOG and PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article.

Cooper has a long list of things that make him happy but his squeaky chicken, sitting on top of the heater vent and dog treats are in the top few. Recently, we got the chance to try out products by Dog For Dog carried by Petsmart. Cooper couldn’t have been more excited. In fact, the minute I put the bag down, he dove in to investigate.
Dogs for Dog Products

The first Dog for Dog product we tried out was the Peanut Butter Dogstreats. They are made from fruits and vegetables. They are also gluten and corn free. I loved that they were a small size since Cooper is only 6 pounds. Cooper loved them because they were his favorite flavor…..Peanut butter! The minute he smelled it he started doing his sit/laydown/beg dance for it. As soon as he snarfled one down he was asking for another.

Cooper can't wait to try the Dog for Dog Dogsbar

Next up was the Dogsbar. Basically it is like a granola bar for dogs. Cooper gives it two paws up. It’s great snack for your dog when you are on the go.


Last but not least is Dogsbutter. It is peanut butter made just for dogs. It is all natural with no added sugar or salt and no hydrogenated oils.

One thing to note….some “people” peanut butters now contain Xylotol which is MAJORLY toxic to dogs. With Dogsbutter you don’t have to worry because you know it is made for dogs. “People” peanut butter….not so much.

Three great products that Cooper loved and he is pretty picky. We’ve bought countless snacks only to have him turn his nose up at them. No problem with that here!

Rocky Kanaka started Dog for Dog in December of 2011. He wanted to start a company that could not only make amazing treats for dogs but could also help dogs in need.. For every product sold, Dog for Dog donates food for a dog in need.

As an entrepreneur, I love hearing stories about owners following their heart and growing amazing businesses while focusing on giving to those in need. It is a true win/win situation.

Cooper is visiting friends of ours right now and I sent his Dogstreats with him to share. I bet they both think this is a great win/win too. Treats all around!

Want to try the treats for your dog? You can buy them online from Petsmart! Also keep up with Dog for Dog on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dog for Dog


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