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Eco-Friendly Products to Try Today!

Eco-Friendly Products to Try Today!

Today I’m sharing my favourite eco-friendly products that we’ve been using that can help you have a greener house without going crazy! Why?

Well, every time I turn around, I am presented with yet another way we are killing this planet we call home. It gets overwhelming! I don’t know about you but, sometimes, this does exactly the opposite of what those articles are trying to do. Instead of being inspired to make a difference, it puts me into analysis paralysis and I just shut down. Instead, I’m going to take some of the guesswork out for you and give you a small list of things you can do TODAY that will make your house a little greener without the angst.

Quoate about making changes and going green.

I’ve also tried to find good Canadian options instead of just finding the same product on Amazon Canada. Sometimes the price triples. So when you click on the Canadian link, know I’ve at least tried to find something comparable without it being a billion dollars.

Green Products for the Kitchen

Bamboo Cutlery on the Go set (US link) – Plastic cutlery sucks. Instead, throw this cute bamboo set in your purse and you are prepared to eat anywhere! (Canadian Amazon Link) (Canadian Well.ca Link)

I bought this set of (re)zip Lay-Flat Reusable Lunch Bags Set (Canadian link) from Well.ca. I am definitely going to be buying more soon. Evan prefers his lunch items in bags instead of containers but I hate using so many Ziplocs. Instead, I will be using these. I love that they are dishwasher safe and easy to zip! I found these comparable reusable bags on Amazon for my US friends.

I fell in love with Bamboo Straws (US link) when we were in Bali, where they have outlawed plastic straws. They don’t stick to your lips and turn into mush like paper straws, they don’t taste weird like metal straws and they are biodegradable. Win, win, win! (Canadian link)

Eco-Friendly Products for the Bathroom

I really, really hate the feel of wooden things in my mouth. However, I have managed to become mostly ok with bamboo. I will admit, though, that the toothbrush has been the hardest. Since they need to make the neck smaller, they have to shave off some bamboo which makes the neck not quite as smooth as I would like. I am persevering, though, since plastic toothbrushes washing up on the beach is GROSS. US link for the set of 4 pictured and a similar set of 4 for Canada.

Eco-Friendly products - bar soap

I’ve given up my body wash for a good, old-fashioned bar of soap. A nice bar of soap lasts forever and there isn’t a plastic bottle to recycle after. Easy peasy! Canadian link and US link

Green Products for the Laundry

Eco-Friendly products - wool dryer balls

I bought a couple of plastic dryer balls a few weeks ago. So far, so good, but I will be buying a set of wool dryer balls to add to it (since you need more than two per load…who knew?). US link for the dryer balls pictured Canadian link for the dryer balls pictured

Eco-Friendly Products I hope to add soon

You didn’t think I had it all together did you? I don’t! Here are some things that I’m not quite there on yet but SOON!

Eco-Friendly products - bar shampoo

Shampoo is another thing that always leaves a plastic bottle behind. Since I like my “My Little Pony” hair, I will be doing a bit more research before I dump my shampoo bottle. If your hair is au naturel, you can try out a shampoo bar (US link). They come highly recommended by some of the fans on my FB page. (Canadian Link)

Eco-Friendly products - cloth napkins

I have cloth napkins at home but we don’t use them nearly as much as we should. I know, I know. I love this bright and cheerful set of napkins, though. Maybe I’ll buy them and see. Canadian link US link

What are your favourite eco-friendly products that you use at home? What should I try next?

8 Eco-Friendly Products to Try Today around the house. It's painless, we promise!

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