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Enjoy a Very Haunted Halloween with Fairmont Banff Springs

Enjoy a Very Haunted Halloween with Fairmont Banff Springs

When you round the bend and the Fairmont Banff Springs comes into view, you can’t help but catch your breath. While the Canadian Rockies offer natural majesty, the Faimont Banff Springs fits right in. Visitors get to enjoy the glorious mountains and then return to their comfy room in the Banff Springs castle. It’s hard not to feel like royalty!

Fairmont Banff Springs

Since the Banff Springs has been around since 1888 and parts of it met with a fiery end, many souls have come and gone from the castle. Unfortunately, some decided never to leave.

In the past, the Fairmont Banff Springs downplayed the stories of hauntings within its halls. This year, they’ve decided to embrace them. I got to visit this past weekend to experience some of the fun.

Our Haunted Tour Guide

First, our small group gathered in the Heritage Hall. Surrounded by black and white photos of the Banff Springs over the years, our tour guide tells us a bit about the early years of the Banff Springs…including the unexplained fire in 1926. Plus he wore a kilt which is always a plus.

Meeting the Ghost Bride

As we toured the halls of the Banff Springs, we even met a few of the ghostly residents including the ghost bride. Legend says that she fell down the stairs in the Banff Springs on her wedding day and has been roaming the halls ever since. Creeeeeeeeeepy!

The haunted tour was an interesting look into the legends that have long been told about the Banff Springs. While it is a bit creepy, it is family friendly and not *too* scary, though you may screech without meaning to.

After our tour, we visited with Donna Kiss, psychic medium, for a seance experience. I’ve never visited a psychic before or attended a seance so it was definitely an interesting experience. Since our group was larger than a normal seance group, I left wondering how it would be with a smaller group.

Bleeding heart martini

To wrap up the evening, we enjoyed Halloween themed cocktails (like the Bleeding Heart Martini, above) before a delicious feast. Our waiters and bartenders were all dressed as zombies and definitely played up the part. We had the best time with them! They really made the night.

Halloween dinner complete with zombie waiters

Sound like fun? You can enjoy your own Halloween experience at the Fairmont Banff Springs! There are two options that are great for couples as well as families:


Join us for an exclusive heritage ghost tour of our historic castle!

Learn the truth behind the rumours before spending the night withinthe walls of this historic hotel. This family-friendly tour will cover some of our most famous long-term residents including the Ghost Bride who has been seen mourning her ill-fated wedding day in the Cascade Ballroom and Sam the Bellman who, to this day, is rumoured to help lost guests find their way through the hotel corridors late at night.

Package includes:

  • Luxury accommodation in a Fairmont room
  • Admission to the Heritage Ghost Tour of the Castle
  • Complimentary Self Parking

Dates: October 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 2015


at the Fairmont Banff Springs presented by 98.5 VIRGIN Radio

This Halloween, spend the night in one of Alberta’s most historic hotels and see for yourself if the rumours of its haunting are true.

Join us for an amazing multi-room Halloween Gala to include a live DJ, circus performers, food & drink, fortune tellers and many more surprises throughout the night! With luck, there may even be an appearance from one of our very long term, otherworldly residents. (Halloween Gala is for adults only.)

Package includes:

  • Accommodation in a Fairmont room
  • Admission to the Halloween Heritage Ghost Tour
  • Admission to a live séance at the Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Complimentary make-up stations
  • Two tickets to the Haunted Halloween Gala including:
    • Hors D’oeuvres & Drink Specials
    • Live Entertainment & Performers
    • DJ Sets by The Angry Kids
    • Many more surprises…
  • Complimentary Self Parking

Date: October 31, 2015

Fun! For more information, contact the Fairmont Banff Springs:

CALL: 1 403 762 2211



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Randa @ TBK

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

I'm a huge fan of Banff Springs. We went there a few years ago on our honeymoon and I loved it, I wish I went there more when I only lived three hours away. I have read so many fun and spooky stories about it's history so I can only imagine what it's like on Halloween.


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Ooo.. creepy! :) I can't decide if I'd want to do this!


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

This looks so cool!! I would have LOVED this as a kid!

Lian Wright

Tuesday 29th of September 2015

I am the type of person who would usually shy away from an experience like this, but I would have loved attending this one! The visit from the Ghostly Bride, the tour, then the feast served by zombies seemed as though they would be a lot of fun! This package also seems amazing! I wish I lived in Banff to attend. Thanks for sharing it!

Angela V

Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Oh my, this really looks like lots of fun! :) Thanks for posting!