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Evan at 20 months

Happy Family Day or President’s Day if you’re in the US. Gotta love random holidays so you can be off from work & sit at home! Canada takes this to a new level by making up random holidays so that you get a long weekend in almost every month. I must say…..I like it! We made a pilgrimage to the pet store to buy more stuff for the kittens. We went to the Pet Planet right near our house & talked to the WEIRDEST guy EVER!!!! Here’s a note to people who own businesses…..if your family are weird & obnoxious you are NOT saving money by getting them to work for you!!!! We will never go back there b/c of that guy & it would have been really convenient for us. We bought them some toys which we have yet to convince Evan are not for him. He also wants to brush his hair with the cat brush. I figure, what’s the harm, right? A brush is a brush. 😉

Here are some pictures of Evan playing with the cats.

Evan loves to eat the foam Dewey makes for lattes. He loves it so much he does a little happy dance.

We finally picked up Evan’s play kitchen from Nana’s. It’s been there since Christmas. Evan has been playing with it non-stop since we got home. I think he’s very glad to see it again!

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Wednesday 18th of February 2009

That's what I thought too! My dad was NOT happy that I bought him a kitchen. I figure I should teach him early to take care of himself. That way he'll know how to cook for his wife (unlike his dad who can only cook eggs)!

The Williamson Family

Tuesday 17th of February 2009

I love the grill with his kitchen. It is for sure a guys kitchen with the grill.