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Evan’s Toy Picks for YouTube Loving Kids 8+

Evan LOVES watching YouTube. He would sit and watch videos every minute of every day if I let him. Unfortunately, I don’t (if you ask him, that is). Instead, I insist that he have actual human conversations with his dear old mum (me). So instead, he tells me all about all the things he wants that the YouTubers have shown him are AMAZING. Since I know many of your kids are the same as he is, here are his toy picks for kids 8 and older who LOVE YouTube. Extra points that most of them are STEAM focused as well.

Feisty Pets

Feisty Pets – Awwww…..look at these cute and loveable……OMG WHAT HAPPENED. Evan loves them.

Thinking putty

Magnetic Thinking Putty – Evan loves thinking putty because it helps him calm his mind and focus. This putty is also magnetic for even more fun. Just keep it away from the couch cushions (ours has a big putty stain).

Mini magnets

Micro Magnets – Another aweseme fidget toy for those with ADHD. I bought these for Dewey a few year’s ago and they still get lots of play on his desk at work.

Illusions putty

Super Illusions Putty – Putties with shifting colors are super cool!


Magic Milk straws



Magic Milk Straws – Evan loves getting food things I don’t normally buy as gifts. These is on his list in a big way.

Mad Matter

Mad Matter – It’s soft, stretchable and it never dries out!

Magnet men

QMan Mini Flexible Magnets – Evan loves making stop motion movies and these are PERFECT for that.

Interchangeable pets

Chimera Plush Stuffed Animals with Interchangeable Parts

Spit balls

Glow in The Dark Spit Balls Science Kit– They grow and the glow in the dark. What more could you want?


Make Your Own Putty kit

Mixed By Me Putty Kit – If your kid loves putty AND DIY, this kit is for them.

Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0 – The next generation of app controlled robot.

Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits – Snap Circuits are a safe way to learn all about electricity. We have so many sets of these and Evan still loves to play with them. I like that you can let kids loose with the set and the instruction book to play.


Evan's Toy Recommendations for YouTube Loving Kids 8+


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