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Everyday Adventures…Following My Feet….

Exploring at the cottage with my new Keens - Merry About Town.jpgOver the past two years, my life has changed in a big way. We moved to the inner city of Calgary and I quit my full time job of nine years. Both of these changes led me to hang up my car keys and dust off my walking shoes. While I still have my car, I only drive a few times per week when my destination is further than I can walk easily.

When you start walking wherever you go, you pay more attention to the shoes on your feet. Comfort matters and so does style. While I really need my feet to be happy, I must admit that I won’t wear runners every day either.

Lately, I’ve been sporting a pair of Keen Rose Sandal in Burnt Henna. I’ve tried quite a few different kinds of sport sandals with varying degrees of success. I have very narrow/skinny feet so I find that many sandals have parts that dig in to my feet. Walking 10,000 steps per day does not work when your feet hurt! My Keen sandals are awesome because they keep my toes nice and safe (yay toe cap) without any parts that dig in to my tootsies….oh and they are super cute and stylish.

Following my feet (and Cooper's) to the beach - Merry About TownRecently we visited our new cabin at the lake. Since spring seems to be hiding this year, the snow is still in the process of melting. Mud, water and snow were everywhere but the weather was too warm for proper boots. I slid on my Keens and hit the trail. Since the sole is nice and thick, it kept my feet (and pants hem) out of the water. Now if I only had a pair of Keens for my little dog, Cooper. His feet were not nearly as clean!

The beach in early spring - Merry About TownSince we were having such a great time, we explored more than we planned to. After a walk through the much to the beach, we got to see a pair of Canada geese hanging out on the shore before they went on a walk across the lake ice. We also got to see a stand of pussy willow, which I’ve never actually seen growing in the wild!

Even when I’m not exploring the wilderness, my Keens have become my go to shoe. I love that my feet are cool, comfortable and supported (why yes, I do have sweaty feet with high arches). I’ve been wearing them to walk back and forth to school with my son every day.

Hitting the Urban Trail on the way to School - Merry About Town.jpg

I can’t wait until summer is in full swing so I can wear them even more. Do you own a pair of Keen sandals? What is your favorite style?
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Thursday 15th of May 2014

These are super cute! Good walking shoes are essential for the summer - I'll have to check these out!


Thursday 15th of May 2014

I agree, Keen sandals for kids are the best. I have never bought some for me so I do not know how they feel, but my son loves his.

Virginia Fynes

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

I don't own keen sandals but I have winter boots, and I love everything about them! i must try out some sandals!

bree johnson

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

amen on the comfy shoes.. i love my heels but as I get older I lean way more toward the comfort side of things!


Wednesday 14th of May 2014

I'm going to have to try these! I need a pair of comfortable (but cute!) sandals this year.