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9 Reasons to Buy “25 Places in Canada”

9 Reasons to Buy “25 Places in Canada”

We all know that I LOVE to travel, right? I also love travel books. Well….I love “some” travel books. Others leave me cold. Books that are full of text that I have to dig through written on pulpy paperback book paper with no pictures? Those are the ones I HATE. Thankfully, my friend Jody Robbins from Travels with Baggage knows how to write a travel book that you will not only use as a resource but you’ll also read it just for fun. Why? Well check out my list to see why you should run, not walk, to buy this gem of a Canada travel guide.

25 Places in Canada That Every Family Should Visit

  1. It is gorgeous! Seriously, you can tell that pains were taken on the book. From the photos within to the cover, it makes you want to read it.
  2. It includes trips across Canada. Thinking it will just have Western Canada because that is where Jody is from? Nope!
  3. It reads like a book. Each of the trips reads like a chapter in a book. While you get lots of information, this isn’t the dry, facts only writing that you find in many books. You will find yourself reading about all the trips even if you won’t be able to make them this year.
  4. Fun Facts. Sprinkled throughout the book are fun facts that pertain to the trip you are reading about. It adds another layer of information and lets you know what you don’t want to miss.
  5. “Get Excited About Your Trip” tips. Great books that you can read as a family to get excited about your trip before you leave. Fun!
  6. Family friendly reccomendations. When you travel with kids, you need to know what you can do that everyone will enjoy. Many travel guides try to be all things to all people and often forget that children aren’t just short adults. Family travel is front and center so your kids won’t feel like an afterthought.
  7. There’s something for everyone. Whether your family is looking for adventure, relaxation or great food, there are tips to make you plan a trip you will enjoy.
  8. It’s written by a Mom. Have you ever read something that is written for families supposedly but you can totally tell the person who wrote it has none? Me too! That will not happen in this book because Jody is a mom who knows what family travel is!
  9. It will inspire you to see more of Canada. Living in Calgary, there are so many places that I haven’t seen in Canada. At times it seems overwhelming. Now I have specific places that I want to go and see. It’s a starting point for my exploration of the country that is now my home!

You can find your copy of “25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit” on Amazon (Just click the pic below (affiliate link)) or at your local bookstore. It is a must have Canada Travel Guide for families!

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9 Reasons to Buy -25 Places in Canada That Every Family Should Visit-

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