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Gingerbread House Construction!

I have never built or decorated a gingerbread house.


Weird, huh?  I figured….what the heck…no time like the present to remedy the situation!  I bought a gingerbread house kit because though I try, I am no Martha Stewart!

I must say the pile of parts was a bit daunting but the kit raved about the “EZ build tray”.
So far so good.  I decided to build the house without Evan’s “help” so that we both might live through this experiment.
We have a roof!
Candies do not like to cling to vertical surfaces especially when they are heavy and round.  Those stinking gumballs were the bane of my existence.  Even with the help of a cork, the gumball had to go.  We replaced with a flat candy instead.
Just in case you thought I build this whole thing myself.  Evan actually helped decorate quite a bit.  He also taste tested all of the candies for me.
The final product.  Pretty good if I may say so myself.  That snowman insists on leaning but what can you do?
Evan was super excited about how well it turned out.  I think we will be doing another gingerbread house next year.
Do you decorate a gingerbread house at your house?  Do you buy a kit or do you go all Martha Stewart and bake it from scratch?

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Monday 13th of December 2010

we are the kit family, all the way. this year i bought the gingerbread family instead of the house. it was much easier and the jellybean could really go to town with the icing on a flat surface.