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Going Home to Alabama

Well, I guess it’s not really my “sweet home” anymore but it is where I’m from (though I play a Canadian on TV…erm…I mean in my real life). I try to come home and visit every year but it’s really hard to make the time. After the debacle traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday last year, I decide that I was NOT doing that again. I also didn’t want to be away at Christmas. For some reason I thought the first week in December would be great. What was I thinking?????  We missed at least 2 parties and I have no idea when our Christmas shopping will get done. Oh well…it will get done, it always does.

Evan and I had a lovely flight connecting through Denver. I quite like the routing b/c there are 2 flights of about the same duration instead of one really long flight and one shorter flight. Evan slept through most of the first one & then stayed awake on the second one except for the last 5 minutes. As you can imagine, he was super excited to have to get up and walk to get our luggage and our rental car. To keep him quiet, I piled the luggage cart up so that it could be a quasi stroller for him. He rode around in style while i pushed. It was a small price to pay to stop the whining!

Even though we’ve only been here 2 days, we’ve been busy! We’ve already visited my mom & my dad (they are divorced so that is two separate visits), Evan and Dewey went fishing (with my dad), I went to lunch with one of my bffs from university and we ate dinner with my sister, nieces & my bff from high school. Oh…and we went to the Christmas parade in my home town. Phew. If we keep up this pace, I’m going to need a nap soon!

And now….a few pictures (because I couldn’t resist!).

Doesn’t Evan look comfy on his luggage cart stroller? Crazy kid!

I used to be in the Marching Band at my high school. I remember marching in the Christmas parade way back when.

But…we all know the REAL reason to go to the Christmas Parade. Candy!

My and one of my best friends from University, Jennifer.

Do you live in the same place where you grew up? If not, how often do you get to go back?

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Tuesday 4th of December 2012

while i only live 2 hours away from where i grew up i don't get back much as you'd think i would. maybe once very few months. a little more when my parents are home (they winter in Texas 6 months of the year). and i see my girlfriends maybe a couple of times a year. but we have started a yearly girls weekend, which is awesome!


Tuesday 4th of December 2012

I definitely need to make an effort to see my girlfriends more. Yesterday I left Dewey and Evan with my dad and drove over an hour to have lunch with a girlfriend from university (Jennifer in the pic above). I am so glad I did b/c normally I don't take the time out to do that.