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Holiday High Gear

Evan and his new elf

Growing up I can remember my mom and grandparents talking about how fast time flies by. I rolled my eyes and thought “Whatever! Time is time. It goes by the same way all the time. They are so weird!” Boy was I wrong! Now I know what they were talking about it. This year has FLOWN by! It seems just like yesterday that 2013 was starting. Now it’s December 1st and I am scratching my head wondering how we got here.

Regardless how we got here the holiday season is in full swing. *Aside – I love Christmas and I say Christmas a lot. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. See! However, it sounds more natural to me to say Holiday Season. So deal. It is not a reflection of any disdain for Christmas. (Answering the eleventy billion rants on FB about the use of holiday versus Christmas.)*  Last night I attended my first Christmas party with a huge group of women who are some of my dearest friends. It was such a great way to kick off the season. There were even presents! We did a stealing circle (also called Dirty Santa) so I had presents that I LOVED for a few short moments before they were RIPPED from my hands never to return. I like the present I ended up with but it just wasn’t the same!

Christmas Party Collage

The other way I knew December was hear was that our elf, Kevin, made his much awaited return. Evan has been asking when he would come back for WEEKS. He loves Kevin so much and he is always very sad that he can’t touch Kevin or play with him. This year Kevin brought Evan a plushie elf that he could play with. Evan is over the moon (see the pic at the beginning of the post). He has been flying plushie Kevin around the house, playing toys with him and carrying him around wherever he goes. It is so cute to watch. I love that he still sees the magic of the season. He’s growing up fast so I’m happy we still have this small part of his childhood intact.

Elf on the Shelf

Unfortunately it wasn’t all happiness and light. Walking out the door this morning Evan dropped the iPad on the sidewalk and it shattered. He was so upset. Thankfully it is new enough that getting it fixed makes more sense than buying another one. How do those things always seem to happen at Christmas?

How are you feeling about December being here? Are you excited, overwhelmed, zen?

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Thursday 7th of August 2014

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Leslie Brooks

Wednesday 4th of December 2013

My tree looks great in your pic! I might have to find one of those plush elves...