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Instagramming My Way to Self Acceptance

Instagramming My Way to Self Acceptance


As you probably know, Chasing Happy, is what I call my posts about struggle with anxiety. I haven’t written one in a while because I haven’t felt like I’m chasing happy very hard. For a few months I have been hiding out on my couch WAY too much. Hiding from the world a bit.

Why the change? We’ve had lots going on around here that have left me feeling a bit out of sorts. Thankfully some of it is getting sorted out but some things are ongoing. It also doesn’t help that I’ve gained a lot of weight (for me) in the last year. It all mixed together to make me feel like a slug.

Since feeling like a slug is not something I want to feel long term, I needed to figure out a way to kick my butt OFF  the couch. I’ve been trying to get out and walk more….the nicer weather in Calgary really helps with that. I’ve also decided to remember that how you dress affects the way you feel (or at least it does for me). If I stay in jammies all day, it is unlikely I will get much done.

I’ve never thought myself much of a fashionista but I’ve gotten lots of comments through the years on my clothing choices. Whenever I go on Instagram and look at fashion, I feel so inadequate because they are all tiny and wearing 5″ heels. After chats with girlfriends at Mom2.o, I thought “Why don’t I start a fashion Instagram account for people like ME?” You know, people who like to dress cute but aren’t super skinny, don’t wear designer clothes every day and won’t be caught dead in heels.

Cute Clothes Mom Collage 1

So CuteClothesMom was born. It’s different than my usual Instagram account because there aren’t any pictures of Evan or food. Just what I wear and fashion that I find and love. It’s been freeing to see that I AM cute even though I have gained weight. And that I can grow a part of myself that I’ve never really thought about…my fashion sense. It’s so much fun and I do think it is helping remember to focus on the things that make me feel fabulous. Not the things that don’t. It feels great to be heading down the road of self acceptance.

I would love it if you follow along!



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Mara, BrazenWoman.com

Friday 22nd of May 2015

We love this over at BrazenWoman! Celebrate yourself and your fab fashion sense. Ps you know all those fashion Instagram accounts are all set up, right? We'll follow and we love it!


Thursday 14th of May 2015

I just found CuteClothesMom on IG and followed right away! I am just returning from long term travel and am feeling lost in the 'what should I be wearing' overwhelm. I LOVE your style and will be following closely as I build my own closet again.

Kyla @ Mommy's Weird

Saturday 9th of May 2015

I'm following!!!