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Kensington Legion: The New Face of The Royal Canadian Legion

Kensington Legion: The New Face of The Royal Canadian Legion

Sponsored: I partnered with the Kensington Royal Canadian Legion to share information about their new building, membership at the Legion and the new 1918 Tap & Table. As always, all opinions are my own.

Last Tuesday was a gorgeous, warm day in Calgary. It was the perfect day for the dedication of the new Kensington Legion. Below the bright blue skies gathered a crowd that you would expect for a Royal Canadian Legion event. Dapper gentlemen and sophisticated women in their uniforms sat beneath the sun waiting for the unveiling of a new type of Legion.

So what is so new about this new Legion? Well, when you think of the Royal Canadian Legion, many things come to mind: old, squat buildings, dark and smokey bars where war stories are shared and maybe a bit of pool is played. And over the years, the other reality has been fewer members and bigger and bigger bills to keep the buildings and programs viable.

The Kensington Legion decided that even a group rooted in history could do things differently. They decided to partner with Truman Homes to develop a new concept that would allow the Legion to be viable well into the future. Instead of depending on the money raised by Legion memberships, they are doing something different…very different.

You see, instead of the standard, dare I say bunker-esque, Legion we all know and love, the new Kensington Legion is a 4 story glory of brick, steel and glass. It has modern lines and a gorgeous facade that makes you want to enter and explore. The second floor is a retreat for Legion members only (but did you know that ANYONE can be a member? You can! Find more info on membership.). The first floor is home to a new restaurant called 1918 Tap and Table which serves decidedly non-typical Legion fare. The third and fourth floors are open and available for office space rentals (and oh my those floor to ceiling windows are AMAZING. Full views of downtown Calgary for the win!).

And the best part?

All the proceeds from the restaurant and the office rental go back into the Legion for their community programs. A perfect symbiotic relationship that makes a great new destination for the neighborhood, a great office space and a place for the Legion that is sustainable. It’s a win/win!

Legion Membership Area

Oh and the members area is pretty SWEET too. Plus it has a great patio all to itself.

Love this idea and want to give back to your community? Join the Kensington Legion (you’ll also get a discount on food from 1918 Tap & Table served in the Legion) or go dine at 1918 Tap & Table.

What are you waiting for? Make a reservation and visit today. Here are all the details!

Kensington Legion Home Page

1918 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3R5

1918 Tap & Table Info

Kensington Legion- The New Face of The Royal Canadian Legion


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