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Let’s Talk Toast!

Let’s Talk Toast!

Let’s talk toast, or more precisely, toasters.

You see, the search for the perfect toaster has been a long and harrowing road in our home. If you are like me, this may seem like quite the ridiculous statement. I believed that toast was toast was toast.

Dewey would tell you that I am very, very wrong.

For me, toast means bread that has been heated to provide a bit of crispness and a bit of browness.

For Dewey, toast is the food of the Gods, which should be perfectly and consistently browned to a color consistent with it’s planned use. Peanut butter toast must be burned to crisp (quite possibly causing the smoke detector to go off). Toast to be eaten with eggs can be a lighter shade of brown and should be slathered with a copious amount of butter.

Unfortunately for Dewey, I made the toaster purchasing decision, so I never thought to spend more than the bare minimum on toasters. To say that Dewey was unhappy with my toaster purchases is an understatement.

Recently, a Breville Smart Toaster joined our kitchen appliance family. Dewey was beside himself. You can tell that it is going to be amazing just by looking at it. It is has a heavy, die-cast exterior complete with a flashing LED toastieness progress bar.

LED Status Bar

When we first tried it, we put our bread in and pushed the toast button. I thought Dewey was going to cheer when he saw that the wire bread holders clamped the bread to ensure that it was held equidistant from the toasting elements on each side. No more toast that is burned on one side and raw on the other!

Breville Smart Toaster Controls

Another cool feature is the “Lift and Look” button. You can have a peek at your toast to see if it is done before the toasting cycle is over. Basically, it gives toast aficionados like Dewey the ultimate control of their toast. You can also add “A Bit More” if your toast isn’t quite done. Sweet.

And it makes a great piece of toast for those of us who have less discerning palates as well.

Want to see the toaster in action? Check out my Periscope video I made below…

After 11 years together, Dewey finally feels like I understand his toaster needs. Plus Evan loves the “robot toaster”. He’s even learned to make his own toast and if that’s not winning, I don’t know what is.

Added: And they are on sale on Amazon right now (affiliate link).

Disclosure: I was giving a Breville Smart Toaster to try. As always, all opinions are my own.

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