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Life With Pets is BIGGER! #LetsLiveBig

Life With Pets is BIGGER! #LetsLiveBig

In April of 2013, I decided to leave my job in Oil and Gas after working steadily since 1999. It was a huge change that happened for many reasons. While I was excited for the change, I was scared too. My job was a big part of who I was. As the months wore on, I got into a routine but I still wasn’t completely sure about my decision. Something was missing and I wasn’t sure what. Fast forward almost a year. We headed to Alabama to visit family and met a little white ball of fluff called Cooper. Quickly he filled whatever I had been missing. My life was bigger with Cooper in it.

We all know that we love our family and our friends. What so many of us don’t know (or realize) is the love that you can have for (and from) your pet. While I had pets before Cooper, it was different. With Cooper, I am his person and we spend all day, every day together.

When I write, he lies beside me and snores.

Walking with Cooper

When I walk, he bounces along beside me. His jaunty gait and bouncy ears always make me grin.

When I sleep in, he burrows beneath the covers and snores right along with me. Never yelling for me to get up and make his breakfast (ahem…unlike Evan).

When I head out to run errands, he either accompanies me on the walk or jumps into the passenger seat as my co-pilot.


When I was doing yoga regularly (I know, I know…gotta get back to that), he would sit on my yoga mat and lick my nose every time I did downward dog.

Face Swapping with Cooper

I summed it up to our vet with “When I want to go, he is READY. When I want to stay, he is ready to be my partner in snoring crime.” Cooper allowed me to stop and be STILL. He allowed me to be at home where I and my family needed me. Plus, all he ever asked of me was for a safe home, good food and snuggles. That’s it (Which is one of the reasons I said he is my favorite child but I digress). Oh and he totally lets me swap my face with his on snapchat! How CREEPY is that picture?!

Purina Live Big

Purina is launching a campaign Called #LetsLiveBig focusing on ways our little furry friends make our lives bigger and how they are working to make the lives of pets bigger. Check out this video highlighting the #LetsLiveBig campaign.

Purina is using their scale to make a difference in the health and well-being of pets in three key areas: Innovation, Safety and Pet Welfare. Pets make our lives so much bigger, don’t we owe it to them to make theirs bigger too?

How has YOUR pet changed your life for the better and made it bigger? Tell us about your life with pets!

Disclosure: I am a Purina Ambassador. I get compensation and perks to tell you about my lovely fur baby and Purina’s newest campaigns. As always, all opinions are my own.

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Wednesday 20th of July 2016

Most parents think going to the bathroom is hard to do with kids, I get kids, dog and cat... We love our pets, they are like kids. My dog is my shadow and the cat is my daughter's unless she isn't home, then she is mine.

Merry Kuchle

Wednesday 20th of July 2016

Same here! I have to leave the bathroom door open a Cooper sized amount so he can come and go while I'm in the shower. LOL.