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Eating Healthier: Loblaw Dietitian Program

Eating Healthier: Loblaw Dietitian Program

Eating healthier is a common theme for so many of us. Even though I am not focusing on losing weight or any specific diet, I know that there is always room for improvement in my diet and my family’s. Determining how to do that can be confusing. Health information can be contradictory or feel overly strict.

Loblaw stepped up to make their customers’ ability to eat healthier a priority. Select stores across the Loblaw family have registered dietitians in house who offer a variety of FREE services such as:

  • Providing nutrition check-ups to assess dietary habits
  • Grocery store tours to identify healthier choices
  • Health and wellness workshops and lunch and learns tailored to the specific needs of your group
  • Developing custom meal plans based on dietary needs
  • Interactive cooking classes and demos
  • Tips for encouraging your children to try new foods

Super cool, right?

Last week I met Whitney Mabee, the full time in-house dietitian, at the new Loblaw City Market store in Sage Hill. Prior to arrival, Whitney asked me to fill out a pre-visit survey about my health, my habits and my health goals. Upon arrival, she had a quick look and asked me further questions. I was a bit worried because I was afraid I would get the hard sell to go on a super restrictive diet. Instead, Whitney was the nicest. She uses the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and let the 20% keep you sane. Now that is a tip I can use!

The friendly dietician


We also talked about the the Guiding Stars® program, exclusive to Loblaw banner stores, where products are given stars to show their healthfulness. Zero starts…not so healthy. Three stars…eat up! What an easy way to make those hard decisions at the grocery store!

Since my son is super picky and a not so great eater since he has ADHD, I discussed his diet with her as well. We discussed healthier options for his LOVE of granola bars and that fighting over food is a recipe for disaster. She reminded me to look at the big picture instead of fighting over every meal. It was nice to hear such a balanced approach.

Loblaw Dietitian Program

My favorite thing? She is open to any questions. Want help shopping for healthy foods? She will walk around and help. She also runs cooking classes, field trips for kids to teach nutrition and more. In fact, recently she helped a few clients with how to ensure their health while fasting during Ramadan.

Want to eat healthier? Want to find out if your local store has an in-store dietitian? Check out Loblaws’ Dietitian page for store info, recipes, health tips and more.


Disclosure: Loblaw compensated me for meeting with their registered dietitian. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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Thursday 5th of October 2017

Good morning do you have actual diet related classes that I could attend

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 5th of October 2017


I don't. I am not a dietician. Contact your local Loblaw store to see if they have the dietician program and make an appointment.