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Make Christmas Brighter for Kids with #TreatsforToys

TreatsforToys Race Car - Merry About Town

November is here and the Christmas season is about to enter full swing. Families are making their Christmas lists planning to hit the stores to buy gifts for all of their loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to buy Christmas for their entire family or even for their children. Rice Krispies Canada is partnering with Salvation Army again this year on their Treats for Toys campaign to bring toys to children in need.

In case you’ve never heard of Treats for Toys, it is a super easy concept. You make Rice Krispies treats and use them to make toys. Share a picture of your treat on social media with the hashtag #TreatsforToys or upload the picture to the Rice Krispies website and for each toy made, Rice Krispies Canada will give $20 to the Salvation Army. Easy peasy and so much fun!

Evan and I made Rice Krispies toys last year so he was VERY excited when I told him that it was time to do it again. We made a big double batch of Rice Krispies treats and got to work.

Rice Krispy Treats - Merry About Town

First I made the Rice Krispies treats. I made a double batch in an 11X 14 pan. Rice Krispies treats that are a bit thicker are easier to build toys with. Since we wanted to build 3 toys, I cut off a third of the pan to make a race car.

Treats for Toys Supplies - Merry About Town

Next we assembled all of our decorating supplies and found a race car to use as inspiration. I forgot to buy royal icing so we used toothpicks and skewers to hold our creations together.

Cut the Racecar Shape - Merry About Town

To get the general shape of a race car, I used a sharp knife to whittle the Rice Krispies treat block down. Since this step involved a knife, Evan didn’t get to help. He didn’t mind since he got to hoover up all the slivers of marshmallow-y goodness that I cut off.

Race Car Driver's Seat - Merry About Town

Evan wanted his treat car to be EXACTLY like his toy race car. That meant an open “cockpit” type driver’s seat. I figured out that a spoon worked really well in this application.

Building Our Race Car - Merry About Town

Now it was decorating time. This was ALL Evan. He decided which candies to use and what colour icing to use. We decided that the gummy worm would make a really awesome spoiler and that candy corn looked like headlights. Smarties in the hole of a sour gummy ring looks just like tires too.

Racecar Treats for Toys - Merry About Town

The final side-by-side comparison. Evan gave it two thumbs up. We were really proud of our creation and he loved making the race car because it wasn’t as fiddly as some of the other ones that need to be able to stand up.

Happy boy with his Rice Krispies Racecar - Merry About Town

At the end of the day, we did a very fun craft together, ate Rice Krispies treats, helped kids get toys for Christmas & had fun. Win, win, win, win!

So buy some Rice Krispies, make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats and help children in need this Christmas. It is so easy and your kids will LOVE it.


Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some cute and fun videos of Rice Krispies Treats Toys and their real toy counterparts.

Please let me know if you make one because I want to see!

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