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Camping at Old MacDonald’s Farm near Stettler, AB

This week was our 2nd annual 1 week camping trip with our friends. Last year we went to Golden, BC. We were supposed to go to Radium in British Columbia for our week long camping this year but unfortunately the entire province of BC is under a fireban. What is camping without a campfire???!!!?? We decided to go to Ol’ MacDonald’s Farm resort instead. It’s a family resort near Stettler, Alberta right on Buffalo Lake. It is very family/small child friendly which is always a plus when camping with a 2 year old! Unfortunately the weather only cooperated part of the time. We had a couple of sunny afternoons but the rest of the time was rainy and cool with a few thunderstorms (and a tiny bit of hail) thrown in for good measure. We did get to enjoy the nice sandy beach a couple of times (thank goodness).

We only have one more camping trip this year. We’re going to Kananaskis for September long weekend. Unfortunately, Evan’s friends Kate & Daniel are moving to Fort McMurray soon. We will miss them all very much (though we don’t talk about it much to keep everyone from crying). Camping won’t be the same without them so we hope they will come visit lots!

Willsy is getting so grown up! Unfortunately, he developed a headache & a fever on Tuesday and felt icky the rest of the trip. 🙁

Evan is a budding soccer player. Here’s hoping he got his dad’s athletic ability b/c I have NONE!

Evan with his “walking stick”. It was just his size but I was afraid he would poke his eye out. It “disappeared” right after this picture….wonder what happened to it? 😉

Nicole and Madeliene have fun no matter where we are!

Beautiful sunflowers from Justine’s garden brighten up the campsite

Jeff and Kate hit the playground!

Dewey and Evan too!

The big & fast slide!

Kate liked the slide much more than Evan!

Evan loved the donkey. It was by far his favorite animal!

Kate doesn’t really like the animals very much. She likes to keep her distance.

Evan, on
the other hand, couldn’t get enough!

Evan often tried to escape the trailer when being put down for a nap or bedtime. Thankfully he can’t run that fast in his sleepsack!

Playing in the trailer during the rain.

Poor Willsy just didn’t feel that great. :(Here’s a video of Evan playing at the beach. He had a blast!
All in all we had a great time. If you ever visit Ol’ MacDonald’s resort you DEFINITELY have to try the cinnamon buns. They are really, really good!
Chocolate Puffed Wheat Squares
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