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The Parenting Cha Cha

The Parenting Cha Cha


One step forward, two steps back, one step forward, two steps back. Come on! Dance with me! It’s the Parenting Cha Cha.

Surely you know the dance I’m talking about. It’s when you have a few days of positive behaviour….

….you know…just enough for you to start patting yourself on the back for the difference your FINE parenting is making…

and then BOOOOOOOM, right back in to the thick of the behaviour you were trying to get rid of.

Evan has been doing MUCH better at school and at home. Cue Spring Break and a trip to Alabama. Long flights, late bed times and new routines have thrown us all for a loop. While the loop leaves me wishing for wine (which you can’t buy in Alabama on a Sunday), it leaves Evan crabby and whiney. The fact that he has decided that all food is the devil is NOT HELPING!

Thankfully, there have been a few bright spots during our trip where he has found his smile and been the charming child we know he can be. One of these was when visiting my dad. Evan bonded immediately with my Dad’s Maltese, Cooper. They ran from room to room playing with Evan’s adorable laugh ringing through the entire house. Evan threw Cooper’s toys over and over again for 3 hours and he can’t wait to go back to visit him again.

Evan and Cooper

Now if I could just bottle that and give him a dose when we’re all tired and at our wit’s end. That would be so much easier than trying to grit our teeth through the hard times (and FYI….it’s not just the parent’s gritting their teeth. Evan truly believes that we just don’t understand him.). So if you figure out how to do that, please let me know. Instead we’ll be here, collectively gritting our teeth and trying to remember the fun times. Because they grow up so very fast and figuring out how to make it through the hard times is MORE important than enjoying the easy times. Maybe one day I’ll figure out this parenting thing and we’ll only have good times. One can dream, right?

And until then….

One two cha cha cha

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Monday 24th of March 2014

I'm glad it isn't just Evan. He will argue until he is blue in the face and THEN break out the "you don't understand". Um...yes, I do understand but the answer is still NO. Sigh.


Monday 24th of March 2014

omg, the amount of times i get "you just don't understand!!" drives me nuts. and it's usually because we've corrected him on something he said (he tends to be a teller of tall tales). then he loses it and grits his teeth. and then we do.

cha cha cha