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Parties at Shakers Fun Centre

Parties at Shakers Fun Centre

Today’s post is from Brooke Berry, who had her son’s sixth birthday party at Shakers Fun Centre!

Birthday parties in the winter require a lot of planning. You can’t go outside, and I try to avoid a massive group of 6-year-olds in my house, so I always look for an alternate location. This year, we had a party for our son Jett at Shakers Fun Centre, and let me tell you – it was the easiest thing ever.
Birthday party packages include everything except the cake!

When we entered, the kids all immediately bolted for the huge inflatable slide. It’s big enough for four kids to slide at once.

They loved the climbing wall too – the kids who climbed stayed on the wall for the whole night. I literally had to peel them off to go home.

The biggest hit, though, was laser tag. Being 6 and 7, most of the kids hadn’t ever played before and were a bit timid to start. I went in with them and helped to explain the strategy. We played with another group that was there for a separate party. The kids were really great with the younger players, and they mostly teamed up on Mom and Grandma. If team play doesn’t work for your group, you can also play as individuals.

We held off on giving them the arcade cards as long as possible, instead saving them for the end of the night. This was recommended when I booked the party and it was a great suggestion.  Once the kids got to the arcade games, they were winding down and blazed through their cards pretty quickly. It worked well for them to play and cash out their tokens right before going home.


There is no age requirement for parties at Shakers – they let anyone play who wanted to. That includes the 4-year-olds, who could barely stand under the laser tag vests! I would say parties are ideal for kids who are about 6 and up.


The “indoor unlimited” party is $220, and the “outdoor unlimited” party is $270. Compared to other party venues in Calgary (and considering the fact that everything but food is included), these prices are more than reasonable.

What You Get:

Player Cards
Party packages are for 8 kids, so you get 8 Player Cards for them to use in the Arcade. These work like debit cards, and each has $10 worth of gaming on it. Most games start at $0.55.

Loot Bags
Loot bags from Shakers are filled with great toys and treats. The kids can buy small toys with their tokens from the arcade, but the loot bags ensure everyone will leave happy!

2 jugs of fountain pop are included in the cost of the party, and additional food is available for purchase. There are lots of kid-friendly options, and the pizza is delicious.

Passes for Parents
You get 2 ‘Parent Unlimited Attraction Passes,” which are handy for supervision and laser tag tutorials. Plus, YOU get to play.

Table Reservation
Each party area at Shakers has a table with plates, cups, napkins and utensils. There’s also storage for boots and coats. Parties include a 60-minute table reservation.


The indoor party includes unlimited use of the inflatable slide, wall climbing, and laser tag. When weather permits, the outdoor party includes everything inside in addition to mini golf and go karts.

Overall, this birthday party was a big hit for the kids and the parents. Everything was well organized. The staff was very helpful and great to work with. My husband’s company had their family Christmas party at Shakers last year, and all of my boys were thrilled to get the chance to return.

Every kid got to burn a lot of energy, and a great time was had by all. The best part is that it was completely stress free – Shakers is set up for this kind of thing, so you have almost no planning to do!

Full disclosure: Brooke received a complimentary party in exchange for a review.

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