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Riding the Galena Bay Ferry

Will's at the helm?Riding the ferry is fun!

To get from Revelstoke to our rental house outside of Nelson we had to ride the ferry. There are quite a few in the area to choose from but we crossed on the Galena Bay Ferry. Luckily we got there just a few minutes before we got to drive aboard. I think this was the first ferry the kids had ever been on. Dewey asked the captain if we could go up to the bridge with the kids He was nice enough to say we can so up we went. It was great to have a birds eye view of the crossing. We also got to snap a few picks and get some information about the local area.
Mom talking with one of the ferry workers
Nicole, Dewey & Will
After the ferry crossing we had another 3 1/2 hours of driving. Unfortunately the last 20 or 30 kilometers were very curvy so mom & Nicole started feeling a bit carsick. Thankfully we made it to the house without any “accidents”!

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