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The Share Kleenex® Care Initiative Follow Up Post

Packed Up to Hand Out - Merry About TownLast week I told you about the Share Kleenex® Care campaign I am participating in with Kleenex®. I was given Kleenex® Share packages to hand out for 5 days to show others that I care. Each package contains two Kleenex® packs; one for the recipient to use and one to pass on.

I walk a LOT in my daily life so I put together a little Kleenex® care package to take with me each time I left the house.

Share Kleenex Care Initiative - Merry About Town

I decided to write a bit about the program and what I was doing on a note for each share package. When I was done I hit the street. My first stop was our local shopping district. I stopped in to a local store and gave a package to the storeowner. She said “What an awesome idea! I have people ask me for Kleenex® all the time. The cold weather makes everyone’s noses drip.” Two big thumbs up for my first sharing opportunity and the positive reception of the program.

Next I headed to pick up my little boy, Evan, from school. Elementary schools are petri dishes full of germs, snot and sniffles. Kleenex® seems to be in short supply. I decided to share a Kleenex® share pack with one of the educational assistants. She is always quick to help the kids when they are sad, sick or just crabby. As I handed her the share pack, she said “Oh my! The kids are always in need of a Kleenex® and these are perfect for my pocket! Thank you!” So her share pack will be shared with more than one person. It will be shared one Kleenex® at a time for kids’ sniffles, tears of frustration or spills.


Kleenex Sharing Campaign 2 - Merry About Town

While I have had great response when giving Kleenex® share packs to people in person, I decided I wanted to share with those I didn’t come into contact with as well. Waiting for the bus on a cold day is not fun. The chilly wind makes your eyes water and your nose run. While that is terrible for the bus rider, it makes for the perfect place to Share the Care with Kleenex®. I left share packs on two different bus stop benches complete with a note to explain what it was and to pass the care on. I can’t know who took them but I hope it brightened their day!

My Partner in Crime - Merry About Town

The remaining Kleenex® Share packs went to people I met on the street while walking my dog, Cooper. They all seemed to be thankful for the gift though some were a bit wary and may have thought I was a crazy lady.

Overall I really liked participating in this program. Here’s a little video wrap up of the campaign.

Don’t forget to print off a coupon from the Share Kleenex® Care site, share a little care of your own and share your experiences using the #ShareKleenexCare hashtag on social media.

Chatelaine Tasters & Testers

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Share Kleenex® Care initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.


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Jenna Em

Sunday 25th of January 2015

What a cute share a Kleenex campaign! In the cold, Canadian winter, who doesn't need a Kleenex?

Aeryn Lynne

Saturday 24th of January 2015

What a great campaign! It scares me how many people I know who have the flu that could have benefited from this (I'm celebrating a anniversary this week, I do NOT need the flu, lol.) What a great coupon too! Am going to print that $1 coupon for grocery shopping tomorrow, woot.

Randa @ TBK

Saturday 24th of January 2015

I really enjoyed following this campaign and seeing how giving can really change a persons day.

You did a great job Merry :)

Bonnie Way

Friday 23rd of January 2015

What a fun idea!!! Those are really cute Kleenex packs and you're right that at this time of year, someone can always use a Kleenex!!! I'm always kicking myself when I leave the house without a few extras in my purse, diaper bag or coat. :)

Little Miss Kate

Friday 23rd of January 2015

Those are so cute little Kleenex packs! Those would be perfect to hand out to people on the Go Train.