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Shark Boy

UntitledMuch to Evan’s chagrin, I check his teeth every night after he works on them for a while with the toothbrush. He jus isn’t old enough to make sure they are clean. Usually it is pretty painless unless he decides that he is big enough that he doesn’t NEED me to check them. Not really sure where he got the idea that it was an option but whatevs. Earlier this week, I was “checking” (which is really re-brushing) and he started complaining that it hurt. He said “You hit my loose tooth.”


Yep, it is loose. Then I checked further and he has a tooth on the bottom coming in behind his front two bottom teeth.

When did this happen??????

You see, my child is still a baby. He can not POSSIBLY have a loose tooth or adult teeth coming in. It just isn’t possible! I will be making a dentist appointment pronto to get the whole shark row of teeth checked out.. I’m pretty sure he only needs one set.

Excuse me while I go hyperventilate over the fact that Evan is growing up ENTIRELY too fast.

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Thursday 7th of March 2013

My baby girl has lost four teeth now. She's a gap-toothed monster right now, since it's her front ones that have come out recently. Where did the time go?!


Wednesday 6th of March 2013

the jellybean still hasn't had any loose teeth yet. he checks everyday because so many of his friends are walking around like gap toothed freaks. i'm just fine with him not loosing any yet. as you said, our boys are still babies! ;)