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Shop The Neighbourhood Calgary: Inglewood

Shop The Neighbourhood Calgary: Inglewood

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Living in a close-in neighbourhood in Calgary has many advantages. One advantage is great shopping. I love the fact that I can throw on my walking shoes and shop great stores for most any occasion. Great wine? Covered! Fantastic jeans? Yep! Cool and unique gifts? You know it! Here are some of my favorite Calgary shopping stops when shopping my (almost) neighborhood Inglewood as part of the Yellow Pages Shop the Neighbourhood 2016 initiative.

Shop The Neighbourhood is a local shopping awareness campaign that celebrates small businesses all year round, and reminds Canadians how shopping locally makes a difference in our lives and directly impacts the local economy. Shop The Neighbourhood has officially gone from a one weekend event to a year-around initiative. However, the last Saturday of November, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, remains a key date for Yellow Pages’ support of the campaign. This weekend marks the launch of the Holiday shopping season and is considered one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, which typically drives dollars away from Canadian communities. This is why it’s the best time of year to raise awareness for the importance of local shopping.

Moonstone Creation Native Gallery & Gift Shop – 1219 10 Ave SE


Moonstone Creation is one of my favorite shops to pop in and browse. You never know what you might see. Owners Yvonne and her daughter Amy are both part of the Cree First Nation. They opened Moonstone Creation to give aboriginal artists a place to showcase and sell their art. In this lovely shop, “one of a kind” isn’t just a marketing slogan. Many of the items are made from home tanned moose hide and all the beading you see is done by hand. From beaded moccasins (above)…

ammonite necklace

to ammolite jewelry framed with semi-precious stone beads.


Looking for something you definitely can’t get at the mall? Check out these super cool earrings made from musk ox horns. Cool!


Want to learn some of these aboriginal artistry for yourself? Moonstone Creation teaches classes in beading, making ceremonial drums, moccasin making and more. Have questions about the significance of a piece or a design? Yvonne and Amy are always in the shop to share their knowledge.

Espy – 1009 9th Ave SE


So what if you are looking for something for YOU? You know, those perfect jeans. Or maybe a dress for a great party. Head over to Espy. It’s not just another boutique. Nope. There is a huge difference. You see, it is personally curated by owner (and Inglewood resident) Megan. You will find high end fashion mixed with more mid and low range priced pieces for both men and women. What they all have in common? Style.

Megan Espy

Yep, that’s Megan. The style behind the store.

The coolest part of Espy? There are stylists who will help you every step of the way. Don’t worry, they have your best style interest in mind. They will look at you with an eye to the styles that will make you look FABULOUS. No more standing in front of a rack seeing NOTHING that you want to try on. Instead, they will help you find the perfect frock. One suggestion though….if they suggest it, try it on. So many times they can see something we mere mortals can not.


This is especially true when talking denim. In North America, we wear denim more than anything else so we deserve…no need…great looking jeans. Espy has a huge selection for every shape and size and stylists that can tell the difference.

Plant – 1327 9 Ave SE


When you pass by Plant and read it’s name, you might be left wondering “What kind of store is this?” It is a greenhouse? Is it a florist? Intriguing! I promise that it is even more intriguing than you know. For me it is like entering a fairy garden. A fairy garden full of terrariums that I want to take home. Yep. I would take them all home if I could.


Want a more “out of the jar” plant? Well they have those too. Look at the gorgeous succulents! Plus they are super hardy for people with black thumbs like me. Not sure what you want or what you won’t kill? Well, as you will notice among Inglewood stores, the service is fantastic. Just ask!


Stash Needle Art Lounge – 1309 9th Ave SE


Love crocheting like me? Are you a knitter? Are you a person that thinks you *might* be interested in either? Well, Stash is a must visit in Inglewood. It is full to the rafters with skeins in every color of the rainbow. Interestingly, though, yarn isn’t their focus. Nope. Beginning crafters are. Their store is well staffed with experts who can help you figure out what you need and how to get started. They also run more classes than ALL the other yarn stores in Calgary combined.


And who couldn’t learn to be a crafter extraordinaire in this space? I want to curl up in the chair and stay forever!

Popping in this week, I got to explore the new sister store to Stash, 28 Blankets. Only 2 doors down, it is a must visit. Over the year’s Stash’s owner, Inglewood resident Veronica Murphy, saw people come in looking for finished hand crafted goods instead of the supplies to make them themselves. Since Stash is focused on crafters, it only made sense to launch another store full of hand crafted items made by artisans both near and far.


I love the choices in this store. I left with a mental Christmas list for myself and for many on my list.


These little guys may end up living at my house!


So how did I do? I bet you are planning your trip to Inglewood now! And know, I only scratched the surface. There are many, many more stores as well as coffee shops and restaurants to visit. Plus when you shop local you support your own vibrant community.

Learn more about Shop The Neighbourhood™ on their website as well as on social media. 

Website: www.shoptheneighbourhood.yp.ca


Instagram: @YellowPages_ca

Twitter: @Yellow_Pages

Facebook: @YellowPagesCa


So who is with me? Grab your wallet and get out there and support local by shopping your neighbourhood on November 26th. Make sure to share where you shop and what you buy on social media with the hashtag #ShopTheHood (and @Merry120 if you want…I’d love to see)!

















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Jody Robbins

Monday 21st of November 2016

I love Plant, but I'd never heard of Moonstone. Excited to check out some new shops in this hood. Thanks for your recs!