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Stretch Your Holiday Dollar with President’s Choice and PC Plus Rewards

PC Plus Points 1

Christmas time is HERE! Sorry for yelling but it feels like I’ve been talking about Christmas arriving soon only to get mowed over by Christmas rushing by at breakneck speed! It is so easy to get overwhelmed during Christmas and throw up your hands and yell “Forget it!” However, I have vowed not to do it this year. I am trying to remember that things don’t have to be perfect to have a wonderful celebration!

“What does this have to do with President’s Choice and PC Plus points?” you may be asking. Well, I find that we often link “perfect” and “costs lots of money”. Thankfully that does not have to be true. See that super cute bowl above? The white one with the awesome cable knit pattern? I bought it (and 3 more just like it) at Superstore for $3 each. I filled 2 of them with deluxe mixed nuts (President’s Choice Brand $14.88), one of them with olives from the olive bar in the deli and the other with PC brand chocolates. Great snacks and very cute when paired with red glass tealights ($3.94 for a set of 6) and a bowl filled with potpourri ($5.94) and a candle ($3.44).

Pretty & Inexpensive centrepiece

Instead of doing a full on party, we had people over for drinks and munchies before going to dinner at a restaurant. This gave us time to chat and mingle without the full on stress of a dinner party. It also cut WAY down on cost. I bought everything at Superstore and I got the lovely surprise that there was a bonus 20,000 for every $100 spent. So now I have over 50,000 points on my card. THAT IS $50! So now I can use that money to buy stocking stuffers, a few Christmas decorations or to host a Christmas appetizer night! I love that buying the things I need and want gets me points to use however I want!

The PC Plus points I earned this week

If that doesn’t convince you to sign up for PC Plus Points then maybe this will….

Elf on the shelf in a marshmallow hot tub

You can buy everything needed for a rocking gingerbread house complete with a mini marshmallow hot tub for your Elf on the Shelf!

Happy Shopping!

The First Week of the 25 Days of Christmas
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Tuesday 10th of December 2013

Swanky gingerbread house!

A Superstore cheap and cheerful woven baguette holder is a decor staple in at least three of my friends homes as well as my own. Decorative orange potpourri for Fall, silver balls and gold stars for Christmas. Looks great as a table centerpiece or on a fireplace mantel.