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9 Tips for Hosting A Springfree Trampoline Party

9 Tips for Hosting A Springfree Trampoline Party

A couple of weeks ago, I helped host an influencer event at the Springfree Trampoline store in Calgary. Events are fun and allow me to get to *really* know a product and/or brand before I introduce them to you. Unfortunately, I often wrestle with how to write about these events in a way that will be interesting and useful to YOU. Thankfully, that is NOT an issue with this event. We had a blast and it gave me some great ideas for hosting our very own trampoline party!

Award winning Spring Free

  • Get a Springfree Trampoline. Ok. You knew that was coming! Springree is the safest trampoline on the market AND they have a whole host of awards and accolades to prove it.
  • Every great party needs great snacks….but they don’t have to be fancy. During our event we noshed on cupcakes and fruit & veggie trays. Simple yet delicious.
  • Balloons make everything better. The end.


  • Kids are WILD for face paint. You don’t have to splash out on a face painter (though they are often worth the money). Pick up face paint and show your mad art skills. Generally, kids are pretty open to whatever you can do and Google is a great place to find easy things to paint.

Balloon Ninja

  • If you do hire a face painter, shop around and find one who also does balloons. See that face? He is a happy kid.
  • Make sure everyone uses the trampolines in a safe manner…one at a time and no flips.

Alien Stomp


  • Set up your tgoma system and decide which game everyone will play. Then make it a competition (or free play is good too). Set a timer so everyone gets a turn. If it is a competition, have a white board on hand to record everyone’s scores (or level they reached). Evan votes for Alien Stomp.


  • Since everyone has to take turns, make sure to have other fun activities. At the Springfree event, there was a coloring table set up and everyone visited it at least once.
  • Have sidewalk chalk available for drawing on the patio or sidewalk. Have a contest to draw their favorite tgoma character. You never know what they’ll come up with!

Sounds like fun, right? Springfree Trampolines are great. Every time people visited this summer, there was a group on the trampoline….even the adults. We can’t wait for even more fun this winter (did you know they are great for year around fun?).

Springfree has stores around Canada. Check out their website and plan to stop by the store nearest you for a test jump!

Tips for Hosting A Springfree Trampoline Party


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Springfree Trampolines. As always, all opinions are my own.

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