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Traveling to Nelson, BC

My mom & Nicole Collecting RocksMom & Nicole looking at the plaques for Willy & Chris
Throwing Rocks
My mom arrived in Calgary late Friday night. By the time she arrived we had already picked up the kiddles and packed almost everything. We woke up on Sunday morning, packed the car and hit the road. We decided to buy a portable DVD player to keep the kids entertained. Best purchase EVER!!! We decided to split the drive into two days. Straight through it takes about 8 hours so we figured two shorter days would be easier on everyone.

Dewey decided to show us Mount 7 in Golden, BC since I’ve never been there. Mount 7 is where he flew his paraglider most often before he moved to Texas. We drove up the mountain to launch. Even though he says the road has improved over the years, we still thought it was pretty rough. It seemed to take forever! I will say, though, that the view was great at the top. Dewey go to see the memorial plaque that has been added for Chris Muller (one of the guys he used to fly with that was killed hanggliding). I think Dewey really liked showing us where he used to launch. Unfortunately the weather was kind of iffy so we didn’t get to see anyone fly while we were there. Will, Nicole & Dewey did get to throw some rocks off a mountain though. 🙂
My Mom & Nicole
We headed to Revelstoke to stay the night. The first day was pretty uneventful (other than Mount 7). We would be up early the next morning to drive the rest of the way to Nelson.

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