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Uglydoll Birthday Party (with Free Uglydoll Printables!)

Uglydoll Birthday Party (with Free Uglydoll Printables!)

My daughter has always loved Uglydolls. As a lazy person, I thought this would make a great theme – if decorations looked messy or weird, I could pretend it was on PURPOSE. It’s a monster-themed party, and monsters are messy and weird!

Read on for free Uglydoll party printables – invitations, loot bag tags, AND cupcake toppers!


My sister designed these double-sided invitations. Aren’t they cute? Because I am super nice, I am providing them to you as a free printable. You can download them here.


I believe that party decorations should be easy and NOT take forever. I’d rather be watching TV. For that reason, I made the super easy streamers that I featured here. I also got a giant thing of felt and cut out an Ice Bat shape. Because Uglydoll shapes are a little weird, I knew it didn’t have to be perfect.

The big stripey “1” was also really easy. I cut the shape out of poster board, and then covered it with Duct Tape.


My daughter was only 1, and the only guests at this party were her cousins, so I was very lazy about party entertainment. I did two things:

1) Kiddie pool. Instant fun.

2) Monster dress-up.

I got a pack of colourful headbands, then used felt and pipecleaners to make eyes, ears and horns. The designs are based on Uglydoll characters. I also hauled out our dress-up bin.

That was it! There’s no need to go crazy with this stuff.

Loot Bags

Instead of loot bags, everyone went home with a little keychain-sized Uglydoll. They each had a small tag that said “Thanks for coming! Bring a little Ugly home!” You can download the free loot bag tag printable here. You’re welcome.

Cupcakes & Free Printables

What’s the baking equivalent of a black thumb? I have that, so I always buy cupcakes and stick cute toppers on them. For this party, I used Uglydoll cupcake toppers that my sister designed. You can download them here!

For more ideas, check out my posts about a Spy Party, and an Art Party – both put together by real moms, NOT professional party designers!

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Monday 9th of March 2020

Hi there, Any chance you still have them downloadable templates for the Ugly Dolls birthday theme?

Thanks! Carmelina