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Weekend to End Breast Cancer 2009

Me, Beckie & Dori bright and early on Saturday morning

The walk went awesome! There were 1200 walkers & we raised $3M! How cool is that????? Saturday was smoking hot but today was overcast and cool(er). It looked like it would rain all day but it didn’t (Yea!). Last night at camp was fun with a runway show & free wine (from Yellow Tail) and free beer (from Wild Rose brewery). I also got free physiotherapy & accupuncture. It was my first time to try accupuncture & I was pretty impressed. My calves were crazy stiff & sore & the accupuncture worked miracles. I’m kind of glad I tried it in that setting b/c I never would have randomly thought “Hmm….maybe I should try accupuncture” b/c I don’t really like needles.

The Weekend Catwalk show!

The walk took us through some of the prettiest parts of Calgary. We got to “window shop” for houses in some of the swankiest neighborhoods too!

Evan came to visit his mama!

Tent City

The bagpiper gets us started on Sunday morning!

I walked with my friend Beckie and her aunt Dori. We had a great time through stiff legs, blisters, blisters & more blisters. Everyone finished & that’s what matters! It was definitely a great weekend but now I really, really, really need to go to bed!

Beckie getting her blisters looked after but still cheerful!

Can you tell how happy we are to have our “finisher” shirts?????

Airdrie Air Show
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Tuesday 28th of July 2009

Congrats Merry! Great job!! A few weeks ago Mike had acupressure for a sinus infection. He said it was amazing. Not anything he would have ever considered doing before.


Monday 27th of July 2009

Congrats! What a great thing to be a part of!

Acupuncture? Seriously? That scares me!