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Why is Rae Dunn So Popular? Because It’s Gorgeous!

Why is Rae Dunn So Popular? Because It’s Gorgeous!

A few weeks ago, I was walking through Winners minding my own business. I looked down and saw the cutest mug. It was tall, white and had my name written in a tall, skinny font. Little did I know that it was a Rae Dunn mug. Since then, I have fallen in love with everything Rae Dunn. So why is Rae Dunn so popular? Well, because it is freaking cute, that’s why.

So here are some Rae Dunn products that I am lusting over on Amazon. They make GREAT gifts (especially for me!) so I will leave links for both Canada and US Amazon. I promise you won’t be asking “Why is Rae Dunn so popular” any longer!

Rae Dunn Kitchen

Rae Dunn Butter Dish

Rae Dunn Butter Dish (US)/Rae Dunn Butter Dish (Canada)

Bakers gonna bake

My current utensil holder is wire and my spatulas poke through and make it fall over. I love a big, solid crock for utensils. This Bakers Gonna Bake utensil holder looks PERFECT plus it comes with refrigerator magnets. US only tho it will ship to Canada.

Crazy mug

Feeling crazy? There’s a mug for you! Crazy Mug (US) The Canadian Amazon price is CRAZY. It is cheaper to buy from the US and get it shipped or look at Winners.

Naughty Mug

We all know that one person who needs this mug, don’t we? Naughty mug (US)/Naughty mug (Canada)

Nesting bowls

Enjoy, Blend, Bake nesting bowls (US link but will ship to Canada)

Rae dunn cream and sugar set

Rae Dunn Cream and Sugar set is perfect for when friends come over for coffee or tea. (Canada link but compare the price to buy in the US and ship because it might be less)

Rae Dunn Home

I need places to collect all my STUFF. You know, like my rings and my keys and my sunglasses, things that I misplace if they don’t have a home. This Trinkets tray is the perfect home for all that STUFF. Canada link


The perfect pencil cup for all my writer friends. Write Pencil Cup (US)/Write Pencil Cup (Canada)


These adorable Christmas ornaments are Rae Dunn “inspired”. (US link)

Focus aim flush sign

I think I need this Focus, Aim, Flush sign for Evan’s bathroom. For Canadian, there is a similar flat sign with the same saying.

Live, Love, Bark

Live, Love, Bark! dog bowl (US)/Live, Love, Bark! dog bowl (Canada)

pet ornaments

Show your cat love with these cute pet-themed ornaments (US link, ships to Canada)

Showcasing Your Rae Dunn Finds

These items aren’t actually Rae Dunn but if you head over to Instagram and have a look at the Rae Dunn hashtag, you will see similar things showcasing the Rae Dunn prettiness.

metal shelves

Decorative Wire Back Wall Shelves(US)/ Canada Link

rustic letter board

Farmhouse rustic letter board for all those great sayings you want to share! (Canada link)

floating box shelves

These floating box shelves are perfect for your Rae Dunn or vintage collection So pretty! US Link/Canada Link

two tier display

Galvanized steel two-tier display (US Link) (Canada Link)

So tell me, do you understand why is Rae Dunn so popular now? All the cute, right?

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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

I was given a mug yesterday...never knew Rae Dunn was a 'thing'...will look it up now!